Once you decide to start your building project, and have made your initial enquiry with us, your project will follow the below steps.


The preliminary meeting: At our initial meeting, we come to your home and listen to your ideas, requirements and circumstances to get a better feel for your situation. We will then make suggestions as to what solutions might best meet your needs and discuss options, giving consideration to your budget and time constraints. We also provide you with a checklist to assist you with what to look for when engaging a builder.


Drafting the Designs: Once you have a good idea of your budget and ideas, we instruct our qualified building designer and draftsman to begin drafting your design. If you already have drawings/plans, or prefer to work with your own draftsman/architect, we are happy to work with them.


Confirmation of Design: Once the designs are completed, we meet with you at a convenient time, to present them to you and go over them, ensuring that all your requirements are meet and you are happy with the design. If you require amendments, we will happily customise the design to suit your needs.


Lodgement of approval: Once you have approved the design, all details and architectural drawings will be submitted to the relevant authorities to obtain the required approvals. A Master Builders Contract will also be signed at this time.


Project Start: Once the required approvals and documentation are completed, we begin construction. During construction, we work closely with you to ensure that the final result meets all your expectations

During our many years of construction experience, we have developed processes that ensure that your project will run smoothly, on-time and on-budget. We work closely with you during all stages of the project to ensure that you enjoy not just the end product, but also every step during the construction stages.



In Australia, all building work must comply with the applicable Australian Standards. When engaging in building works, Certification should be undertaken to ensure that all structural works, whether new home, renovations or termite repairs, comply with these Australian Standards. It is important to remember that building works which are not certified, may reduce the sale price of a property or cause a potential buyer to withdraw their offer, due to uncertainty regarding the structural integrity of the property. Therefore, all structural works carried out by Quintessential Building are certified by an independent Structural Engineer. This not only provides peace of mind for you, the client, but assures all works can be Council approved if required.