At Quintessential we understand that no two projects are the same and we enjoy working through the unique challenges posed by each project. Because of the individuality of each project, we have developed a pool of experienced and professional consultants and sub-contractors who are familiar with the challenges renovations and extensions can pose. All of our consultants and sub-contractors are licensed and dedicated to their profession and guarantee superior workmanship. To ensure that every job runs as smooth as possible, a fully qualified and licensed foreman is allocated to oversee the entire process, from initial consultation, to final clean and handover.

Quintessential prides itself on its personal service with attention to detail. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget and we happily deal with all types of construction materials, and customize the options to meet your requirements. From using itemised contracts specific to your project, to our “Clean Site” policy, we will make sure that your project runs smoothly from conception to completion.

Renovating or extending your home can be an excellent alternative to the hassle of moving. Renovating a kitchen or bathroom, extending the living area, or adding a second story, can make a big difference to your lifestyle and the value of your home.

If you are looking to renovate or extend your current home, we will work with you to ensure that not only does the finished product meet your functional requirements, but will ensure that it blends with your existing home to create an aesthetically pleasing final product that adds to the value of your home.

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Quintessential Building understands that the extent of termite damage can vary and therefore we are happy to undertake anything from extensive, whole house rectifications, to small, one wall repairs. We also understand that a home is a person’s castle, which is why we ensure that our work is carried out promptly and with the least disruption to the household as possible. As part of our Clean Site Policy, we also happily remove all rubbish from the site, vacuum wall cavities prior to re-sheeting to minimize allergy issues, and clean floor and surface areas after the work has been completed.

Rectifying structural damage to your property is not a matter you should leave to the average home handyman, as it often involves weight bearing timbers. We use only licensed and insured tradesmen, and all repairs are certified by an independent Structural Engineer (link to Certification), which ensures that all repairs meet Australian Standards and that there are no issues with building inspections if the property is sold at a later date.